1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria Projector Retrofit Conversion


We start with the aftermarket cores. We take them apart, do a bunch of cutting, add a bunch of cool stuff, say some very kind words, and Voilà! You have some bad ass headlights! Our retrofits for the Ford Crown Victoria will not only modernize your front end, it will probably give a modern car’s headlights a run for its money. These things dramatically increase nighttime visibility, we measured an increase of over 300ft and almost double the brightness over stock!

Those HID kits or LED kits you got from eBay or those other guys just cannot compare to a properly done retrofit.

Why should you purchase from Madd Retros?

    • Aftermarket headlights are included,
    • We ceramic coat the headlight lens,
    • H1 projectors are standard,
    • We have projector upgrades available,
    • We only install products that we can rely on,
    • We will never paint your expensive headlights with rattle ran spray paint. We use high quality automotive paint sprayed from a HVLP spray gun with a minimum of 3 coats,
    • All of our conversion harnesses are plug and play,
    • If you purchase a conversion harnesses and Demon Eyes, we will do the wiring for you so you will not have to pull your hair out doing it. And that will ensure that you do not burn out your Demon Eyes prematurely,
    • We label everything to help with installation,
    • We will provide you with all the help you need to install and get your retrofits up and running,
    • Backed by an industry leading 1 year warranty!

We put together a YouTube playlist for some useful information regarding Retrofits. Check out our Terms & Conditions, Warranty, Returns, & FAQ’s.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about the many options, feel free to reach out and we can go over the details to make sure you have exactly what you want without the guessing!

Headlight Lens Coating

Projector Upgrade

Shroud Upgrade

Comes standard with Mini Gatling Gun shrouds or Mini Graphite Shrouds for H1 projectors and SL1-M for MD2S/G5/M-LED projectors. To view shrouds, click here.

Projector Etching

Please enter the design in the additional comments. To view pattern designs, click here. To view existing Designs, click here. Please include link to the etching in the Additional Comments.

HID Lighting Options

Paint Finish

Demon Eye

Halo Ring/Angel Eye

RGBW Bluetooth Controller

You cannot use an RGBW controller with Flow Series & vice versa. RGBW controller controls RGBW add-ons and Flow Series controller controls Flow Series add-ons.

Flow Series Bluetooth Controller

You cannot use an RGBW controller with Flow Series & vice versa. RGBW controller controls RGBW add-ons and Flow Series controller controls Flow Series add-ons.

Bluetooth Controller Harnesses & Add-ons * 

Custom Add-ons

Please email us for any custom add-ons if they are not listed above.

Additional Comments


**Due to high demand, we are no longer quoting build times. Upon receipt of your order, you will be placed on a wait list.

Please note that the options on the site are not the only options available. If you have a preference for a brand, we can accommodate your request. Please email us for a custom quote. 

Please note that RGBW/RGBWA DRL feature requires the Forced White DRL driver for full DRL function. 

  • Switchback: White & Amber (DRL & turn signal)
  • RGB: Red, Green, Blue (color changing)
  • RGBA: Red, Green, Blue, & Amber (color changing)
  • RGBW: Red, Green, Blue, & White (DRL & color changing)
  • RGBWA: Red, Green, Blue, White, & Amber (DRL, turn signal, & color changing)
  • Flow Series & RGB: Sequential Red, Green, & Blue
  • Flow Series & RGBA: Sequential Red, Green, Blue & Amber (turn signal & color changing)

Please complete the contact form below prior to ordering if you have any additional questions.

Additional information

Weight 240 oz
Dimensions 26 × 21 × 12 in
Year Make Model Product
Year Make Model Product
1998 - 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Headlight Assembly