2015+ Dodge Challenger Headlight Customization


The automotive aftermarket’s best names in LED Lighting and when it comes to upgraded LED DRL Boards, with new tech and it’s features make it a no brainer!

With their powerful LEDs, The Camaro DRL boards are capable of producing an amazingly clear neutral white and every other color in the spectrum for that matter.. Reds, blues, greens, teals, purples, pinks…you name it! The system can be designed to run in DRL mode, or show mode with our custom made harnesses! All that aside, and these things are just plain bright…easily outshining the factory LED setup.

Switchback feature is specially designed with drivers that have a separate input wire for your turn signal circuit. When triggered, the LED driver will automatically interrupt the color/white mode and flash amber for a modern switchback turn signal in your DRL position. When the turn signal stops, the color or white mode will automatically return to its previous setting.

All LED DRLs are 100% direct swaps in place of the original boards, and even though they have added features like a full RGB and turn signal function. All wiring is lined with mesh for an OEM-like appearance and reliability. The LED drivers are waterproof, so no need to worry about the elements!

Are these DRL boards just too good to be true? No, not really. But lets be real, you have to take the headlights off your vehicle, open them up (which often times isn’t so easy), and then carefully take them apart and re-assemble the internals to finish the install. Is it rocket science? No. But we do that all for you, and give you a 1 year warranty on our workmanship!

Price include Opening the housing, cleaning out the chanels, and resealing. These are not meant for aftermarket assemblies, only for unopened OEM assemblies. We offer local installations starting at $125. Price does not include assemblies. You must ship your existing housings, or purchase new ones. If you wish to purchase new one, please send us an email. Does not include shipping, you will be responsible for all shipping costs. We will send you an invoice for return shipping. 

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**Please consult with your local law enforcement agency regarding the use of color changing components.

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