Diode Dynamics 2014-2018 Chevrolet Corvette Multicolor DRL LED Boards


The 2014+ Corvette has a white LED accent in the headlights. It is illuminated by a set of circuit boards that hold white LEDs. Our replacement LED boards utilize RGBW LEDs instead! The RGB function allows for full multicolor control using any standard RGB controller, to accent the look of your Corvette and make it stand out on the road.

This product is not just RGB though- it is RGBW! That means there is an LED chip that is specifically white in color, right next to the standard red, green, and blue chips. By using an RGBW controller rather than the standard RGB, you can activate and control the white chip independently of the colors. This provides a much more uniform, pure, and bright white color than the traditional method of combining all RGB signals, so you can keep a clean, factory white appearance for everyday driving.

You don’t have to align and fasten LEDs by hand- this is an OEM-grade solution, with exact fitment, and perfect alignment of the new LEDs. Just remove the factory boards, and ours fit directly in place. Your order includes two sets of LED boards, one for each side.

To drive the high-power LEDs safely, a new constant-current, waterproof, inductive driver is included for each set. You will also need a standard RGB or RGBW controller. Controllers can usually be powered by any standard 12V source. We recommend connecting to the parking light signal, so this module lights up when the parking lights or headlights are on. You can set the LEDs to white for everyday use.



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