PROFILE PERFORMANCE: The automotive aftermarket’s best name in LED Lighting and when you’re fed up with hyperflash- these are the way to go. Profile is working hand-in-hand with the industry’s experts to produce the performance that we all expect. Their FlashPack Relays are the industry standard for a high quality plug n play problem solver.

RIGHT WAY: Everybody uses wire taps and resistors to resolve hyperflash problems after upgrading to LED bulbs. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s more of a band-aid than a fix really. By replacing the actual relay that runs your flasher circuit, you are making the right choice, the most reliable choice, and ultimately – the one that requires no modification to your factory wiring, which is always nice.

CONTROLLED: Since the FlashPack is designed specifically for users of LED bulbs in their turn/blinker circuits, the circuitry compensates for the hyper flash, and will allow your signals to blink at a normal rate.

PLUG N PLAY: Though the location of your flasher relay may sometimes be hard to get to (often times, under the dash) – once you have access, installation is easy. Just unplug the old, plug in the FlashPack, and you’re good to go. No re-configuration is necessary.

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