Restoration, Separation, and Re-Sealing

*Labor for retrofit add-ons are not included.

*Removal and installation of bumper and wiring will be an additional $100 (price may change depending on vehicle and any modifications done to the front).

*All parts, accessories, and harnesses are sold separate.

*The prices below are standard and most headlights will fall under those prices. However, there are some headlights that require more work, therefore, the prices below will not cover those headlights.

Lens Restoration/Cleaning

    • Exterior includes wet sanding, polish, and clear coat: Price starts at $250.

  • Lens/Housing Separation

    • Butyl-Sealed Headlights: Price starts at $125.

    • Perma-Sealed Headlights: Price starts at $200.

    • Housings that would need to be cut open (using an UltraSonic Cutter): Price Starts at $250

  • Lens/Housing Re-Sealing

    • Resealed with butyl: $100

    • Housings that were cut open (using an UltraSonic Cutter): Price starts at $75