Why should I have Madd Retros build my lights?

I would like to upgrade my lights, what do you offer?

I would like a build, but I do not see my car listed on your site.

Do you have a list of your labor rates?

Can I ship you my parts/housings for a build?

Do you offer international shipping?

What are my shipping options?

What is your warranty?

What kind of services does Madd Retros offer?

Do you offer returns?

Why can’t I put HID bulbs in a halogen reflector?

Do you recommend HID’s, LED’s, or halogens?

Whats the deal with HID?

Whats the deal with LED?

What is the best HID bulb temperature to get?

My halos, DRL, or Demon Eyes stopped working, what do I do?

What is wrong with my retrofit?

If I want to do my own retrofit, how do I do that?

Do you offer discounts or Group Buys?

When converting to a projector, would I need to purchase a new HID kit?

My current halogen headlights suck, I want better lighting, but do not want to retrofit.

How to align my headlights after a retrofit?

How to align the projectors in my retrofit?

How can I order?

How do you install Demon Eyes?

How do you install Angel Eye Halos?

How do you install shrouds?

What are the methods of mounting a projector?

My car did not come with DRL from the factory

Why are there so many wires? What goes where?

How do I wire my halos or demon eyes?

Do you offer plug and play harnesses?